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[sticky post] Master List/Friends Policy!

UPDATE 2015.12.15 IMPORTANT!!!!! This comm has been renamed from nightoforion to cinnappo to match with all of my other social media! Please be advised~ So that you don't see that my community is gone/think that someone has plagiarised me.

As always, my fics are public for 72 hours and then are restricted to community members only. Please feel free to join the comm, no comment or introductions are neccessary (but always welcome!) And, should you have any questions, please ask me, I promise I don't bite.

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breaking point / lament | part 1

Title: breaking point / lament
Author: seeeno
Rating: R
Pairing(s)/Focus: Ryeowook-focused, Henry/Ryeowook
Length: breaking point: ~3400 | lament: ~3000
Warning(s)/Triggers: [spoiler]attempted suicide, character death (lament)
Summary: Ryeowook is fighting a losing battle with his inner demons. Fics inspired by this and this, respectively.
Notes: First draft completed Sept. 29 2015. Beta completed Oct. 9 2015. September was National Suicide Prevention Month. If you or someone you love may be suicidal, please speak up and seek help. This is just one of the many resources available out there for you. Just know that, no matter how tough things are now, they will get better. I promise.

Dedicated to Carol Ann, whom I miss more than words can say. It's been a long 15 years without you.

These words bounced around in Ryeowook's head for days, weeks, months, and he didn't know why. They seemed to come from nowhere.Collapse )

100 Themes Challenge Masterlist

So I have decided to attempt writing for the 100 Themes Challenge (from deviantart, not the one from miracle). These will hopefully all be less than 500 words, as they're meant to help me get over my writer's block. If I can manage at least a couple a week, I figure that will get the creative blood pumping again. :) Here's the masterlist. They all may or may not be Super Junior fics, I haven't decided yet.

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Off hiatus-ish

So if any of you were reading around my personal journal recently you may have spotted a post about a semi-hiatus because I had surgery a few weeks ago (I CAN SEE NOW \O/). I'm happy to say I'm back! ...sort of. My Korean classes have started up again, so a big chunk of my afternoons/evenings are gone, and this week is finals week for my university class. On top of that I'll be flying back to the States for Christmas to surprise my parents so I'll be gone for a week then too. So I'll be writing when I find the time and motivation sob writer's block sucks. If I owe you a fic, don't worry, I haven't forgotten about it. I'll finish them all eventually! :D


now i lay me down to sleep

Title: now i lay me down to sleep
Artwork: #19
Pairing: Kris/Lay
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~4,000
Genre: Sci-fi
Summary: It takes more than a body to make something, or someone, human.
A/N: crossposted from sncj_reversebb

(As it turns out, getting destroyed doesn’t hurt at all. It’s just like feeling yourself stretched apart without pain. And then there’s darkness.)

life is a highway

Title: life is a highway
Pairing: xiuhanlay (xiumin/luhan/lay)
Rating: nc-17
Length: 3,705
Genre: Humor
Summary: In which Yixing can’t say no to Luhan, Luhan is a cunning bastard and Minseok just wants to get laid.
A/N: crossposted from runandgun (forgot to do this earlier oops)

(When Yixing runs in to grab some inane thing he forgot, Luhan texts Minseok Victoryyyyyy \o/. Yixing wonders what the hell Luhan’s got him into this time.)


kris/lay | crack | pg | drabble
"of three things i was absolutely certain."

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